Strategic Partners

  • Any budget EDI development and host.

  • Help qualify small businesses to be suppliers.
  • Order/Billing automation solutions.
  • Business driven ETL Process Development, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligent Data Mining / Reporting.
  • Custom built-in AI engine optimizing mangement and user experience
  • Optimize or build up custom business core analytic structure

Business Computing Power

Cloud Computing

  • Business Predictive Analytics
  • Translate Business into Data Modeling& Convert Reports into Meaningful Decision Making Language
  • IoTs Enterprise System Solutions
  • Data Mining & Machine Learning Design
  • IaaS/PaaS/SaaS/ cloud based computing for your business.
  • High security Enterprise Management Cloud solution
  • Hybrid tools handling simple and complex models.

Big Data Analytics


  • Enterprise level software application development
  • Customized CRM and CMS development.
  • Configurable applications and web services
Cloud Solution and Cognitive Analytics for Security and Asset Management



Business Applications Development

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