Background: Departments in the Medical School needed to manage and analyze sensitive and expensive research data.

Solution: GenX Clinic Research Information System. Built-in data management systems for all research fields, and consolidated to Medical School dashboard.

Result:Significantly lower data management cost.  More accurate data-mining and increased reporting speeds. Medical researches and practices became more efficient.

Case studies show data and marketing solutions our team provided to past client companies. We have also developed a P2P lending platform, and data driven web services. Please sign up to try your free analysis.

Neptune Cigar

Background:Neptune Cigar provides huge selection of premium cigars to customers online and offline. Growing from one location to multiple location large cigar bars, the sales and management system was at the middle of a bottleneck.
Solution:Built in engine powered enterprise management platform/web applications/billing system/BI .
Result:More than 50% sales derived from e-commerce.  Data management helped micro-target.

Marketing AI Engines

Inter-bank Benchmark System

Fir Tree Partners

Background: New York based private investment corp needed to identify the valuable investment opportunities in real time.

Solution:built  data model for Fir Tree Partners investments.

Result:Dashboard enabled data mining and business intelligence to act in seconds.

Web Based EHR/EMR.

Enterprise Management Platform


Vendilis Technology

Background: Vendilis provides e-commerce solutions for small businesses.

Solution: Back-end office system with highly configurable shopping cart, listing tools, order processing, and payment system.

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Medicare Part D Services Platform

Cloud Computing Services